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Savory Middle Eastern & Delicious Canadian Cuisine  

Let the Prince's Chef cook your meal today!

''I really do love playing with my food. I love it when a crisp vegetable ‘snaps’ when you break it; the ‘sizzling’ sound of food being tossed into a hot saute pan, and the way flavor just ‘perks right up’ when the correct amount of seasoning is added. I love everything about food; from the way it grows to the way we prepare it, to the way we eat it (be it with fingers, a fork or a pair of chopsticks).
To me, life is too short not to enjoy great food.  I believe in taking fresh ingredients and preparing them simply, with lots of attention to the details. I like to translate this belief into all my events, large or
small, so that everyone can enjoy great food, simply created with lots of love.
Thank you for visiting the Chef Abod website and sharing in my true passion for food and all things food-related. 
I look forward to making your events even better by servings simply delicious and healthy food.''            
                                                                    chef abod 
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               Chef Abod Café & Catering. Delicious HALAL middle eastern cuisine.

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