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Soup & Salad


  • Chef’s salad bowl with crispy vegetables, chicken, cheese and eggs with homemade dressing

  • Italian salad

  • French salad

  • American salad

  • Fa-touch:  Mixed vegetable with toasted pita bread, olive oil, lemon juice and mint

  • Tabbouleh:  Finely chopped parsley mixed with cracked wheat, diced tomatoes, onions, lemon juice and olive oil

  • Creek salad:  Mixed vegetable topped with feta cheese and black olives

  • Couscous salad:  couscous, carrot, tomato,avocado,almonds,cucumber and red pepper

  • Spinich salad

  • Artichoke salad


  • Soup of the day

  • Cream of chicken or mushroom:  A delicious creamy soup with chicken or mushroom

  • Minestrone with pesto:  basil, garlic, olives oil, onion, carrot, cabbage, green beans and parmesan cheese

  • Artichoke bean soup:  carrot, artichoke, lima beans, onion and freshly ground pepper

  • Chicken corn soup:  chicken, corn, parsley, pepper and onion

  • Pumpkin apple soup:  pumpkin, apple, nutmeg, celery, onion, and garlic

  • Lentil soup:  pure red lentils, onion and spices

  • A lot of variety available.  Ask Chef for more …

We can prepare any food ideas you may have!

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